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Category archive: Strategy and Research

Social Media Listening / Monitoring -

Social media listening/monitoring, is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, product or brand on the Internet. Conversations on the Internet produce massive amounts of unstructured data. Depending on the goal, the right tool might be a series of free Google Alerts or an expensive software suite that includes


Actual Metrics/ROI from B2B Social Media Client

Key metrics illustrating ther success of a recent social media/content marketing program. The program consists of a blog, ghost writing, social media distribution, brand interaction, inbound traffic, multiple social media platforms, multimedia content and lead generation


Google Tools

What to do with all that data? Since 2007, I have used Google Analytics and Adwords at an intermediate level to help my clients gain insight into digital marketing tactics – what is working and what is not. . We can: Determine which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions Determine where your best


Inbound Marketing

I focus on driving customers to you with Inbound Marketing


Content Marketing

Stop interrupting what people are interested in…and BE what people are interested in!


Email Marketing

We have worked 100′s of email campaigns on proprietary systems, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and other email packages.

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